Dress codes
  • Blouse and T-shirt
  • Casual and dress shoes
  • Jeans and smart trousers
  • Caps, hats and large jewelery
  • Sportswear, shorts and swimwear
  • Athletic shoes, flipflops and combat boots
Dress codes


In this barcrawl we will visit bars on and near the two big squares. The first big square is the Grote Markt ( Big Market). The Grote markt is a former market square surrounded by bars and clubs. On this square the atmosphere is welcoming and the crowd is mainly creative, alternative and bohemian. No special clothing is necesarry.

Het plein (The Square) is one of the more hip and tasteful spots for dining and drinking in The Hague.

After five (beer) o’clock the suits and yuppies turn up on this historic square for a drink.

At night  the restaurants and bars transform into trendy clubs. It is advised to follow our dresscodes, our barcrawl will end in a club on het Plein.


In this crawl we will visit the most original local bars all over town. To enter these bars you will not have to follow specific dresscodes outside of the obvious.

The Hague is the rock capital of Holland. Many famous bands have been discovered in this city. They all had there first concert in De Paap, this is where we will end this barcrawl.

Flipflops and shorts are not allowed in this bar.

It is advised to wear comfy shoes as it will be quite a walk, so ladies don’t forget your flats please!


We start our barcrawl at Scheveningen Beach.

Flipflops, shorts and just beach clothes in general are fine all around Scheveningen bars. After a short stay at Scheveningen we will drive you to The Hague city center, where we will continue our barcrawl.

Even though the bars are quite allright with casual clothing it is strongly advised to leave your flipflops at the beach were they belong. Bars can decide to refuse entry for safety reasons, the floor can get coverd with glass as the night progresses.

We will end our barcrawl at a big (dance)bar, this bar is very busy and the bouncers can refuse entry when they see you wearing shorts/flipflops/caps etc.

For any other questions please read our FAQ, call us or ask our guides.